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In December 2019, Samuel Marx unknowingly began a mission of hope. While working with a Non-Profit whose mission was to give all that wanted it Basic First Aid Training, he found a need for veterans.


Many veterans were coming in, updating their training and sharing stories, and quite a few were the same. They were struggling to pay bills, buy food or even cover Co-Pay costs. As a veteran himself, Samuel wanted to find a solution, so he created Connect-Vets a organization that would connect veterans to help in their time of need. Six months into the new venture, it was clear that although there are Support services for veterans, many were falling through the gaps or just not able to get help.

In Late 2020, Samuel refocused his idea for Connect-Vets and created this website which is solely focused on Supporting Veterans in their time of need. By the end of 2022, Connect Vets has donated over $450,000 worth of Support.

In 2023 another arm to Connect-Vets has been created and that is the Consultancy side to assist veterans who are in need of help for their Business. We have specialists who volunteer with us in the Digital Field and can offer Support to any veteran who needs some advice.


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